accu:rate goes to the Netherlands!

From the 5th – 9th November , Dr. Angelika Kneidl is part of a very special event in Leiden: the Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics Workshop!

In this international meeting, organized by the Lorentz Center, participants seek to establish a consensus on sensing, analyzing and understanding human crowd dynamics. The event hosts many experts in the field, including: natural scientists, engineers, crowd psychologists and safety experts, to discuss the physical and psychological aspects of crowd dynamics.

The workshop is structured to foster both exchange amongst scientists and open technical discussions on four main topical areas: sensing, analytics, understanding, and applications.

In this special meeting of human crowd experts, Angelika Kneidl will share her knowledge on pedestrian dynamics and crowd simulations.


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Picture: “people walking in hallway” by Brittany Gaiser via Unsplash