Safety can be planned – with simulation of pedestrian flows

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Human behavior is complex

Screenshot 3D visualization

People do not move like machines. They have different goals and motives. Therefore they move and behave differently. And above all: things do not always go as planned.

At places where many people meet exist complex dynamic situations whose development can intuitively not fully grasped or predicted.

accu:rate can support you handling the complexity of pedestrian flows.

Identify and eliminate risk

The solution is crowd simulation of pedestrian flows. It can be executed during the planning of major events or construction projects to identify potential bottlenecks and risks which should be avoided. Detailed graphics and film animations provide an exact support where even experienced security experts reach their limits. While each single parameter and each constriction can be calculated and thought through separately, the complex challenge of interplay can be visible only in a simulation.

accu:rate can help you to calculate default cases like visitor flows in a concert break as well as exceptional situations like evacuation in case of fire alarm. Results are evaluated graphically from cases of the paths of individuals to a picture of the power of the masses. Based on the results customers can responsibly plan ahead - in cases of event security, at workplaces on premise or of the renovation of public buildings. So accu:rate provides a valid basis for decision making, where previously customer often had to rely on gut feeling in security planning.

Compare different concepts in the planning phase

Already in the planning stage you can simulate different solutions for directing large flows of visitors with accu:rate. In the result graph risk factors are visible, as well as the pro and cons of different solution scenarios. The simulation results make plausible which concept best fits your requirements. By the early evaluating various options increase planning security and reduce costs.