Create safety – with crowd simulation

At crowded places, planners have to understand how people are going to move in confined space. For more than three years, accu:rate has successfully offered the analysis of pedestrian flow as a service for our clients in construction, infrastructure, event planning, and many more. Now we have transferred this knowledge into the software crowd:it. We use the most recent scientific model and are refining it continuously to provide you with a modern software for crowd simulation.

We want to support you in your projects: with our software crowd:it you can simulate evacuation scenarios, analyze the processes and capacity of your facility or venue, or carry out proof of concept studies for escape ways or closeout concepts. With our experience, we are a strong partner who understands your needs und supports you in realizing your goals.

Honored by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Clients and Projects

Dr. Ernst Pöschl
director of the association of patrons, Landshuter Hochzeit e.V.

“The safety of the Landshuter Hochzeit has finally arrived in the 21st century.”

Evacuation Simulation of Landshuter Hochzeit

Ralf Gehrke
Building authorities Kempten, Neuschwanstein castle

“The simulation showed us, that we had to change the running direction of the guided groups so that they do not cross in the staircases.”

Evacuation analysis for Neuschwanstein Castle

Felix Aries
CEO Architechnic International AG

“With the findings we worked out the museum walk through can now be planned from the perspective of […] the evacuation scenarios. […] a completely new approach […].”

Planning of a museum’s capacity